Winter is a time for hospitality, sharing and fellowship, getting to know each other.
It's a time to listen and to act.
Like every other time, it's a time of welcome, a time to Come and see!

Saturday 5th September, 11.30am - 3.30pm

Pandora's Fashion Parade "Spring & Bling" @ 1pm
Enjoy live music & food in St Philip's courtyard
String ensemble "Dynamico" & Andante Andante Choir (ABBA Choir)
  • Kitchen Creations Stall: pre-order Christmas cakes
  • Pandora's pre-loved fashion on sale
  • Treasures stall
  • Lunch from 11.30am
  • Afternoon Tea following Fashion Parade
  • Wine bar and Tapas
  • Tea & Coffee

The Community Spring Fling is one of two events each year, when we invite our community to get to know us. It also helps raise funds for the work of the parish.

Download a leaflet to print. | Information for parish members on preparations.


Farewell to Rebecca and David, 9 August 2015, and the text of Rebecca's farewell sermon.


Pastoral letter from Bishop Stuart on the redefinition of marriage, 29 July 2015.