Advent is the beginning of the Christian year. We celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ at Bethlehem, and look forward to the return of Christ the King. We reflect on Jesus' coming at Christmas and his presence in our lives and all of creation. We affirm that Christ has come, is with us today, and is coming again in power.

We warmly invite you to join our worship and celebration. Come and see!

Christmas Eve — Wednesday 24th of December
Children's Christmas Service, 5pm
Sung Eucharist (Midnight Mass) 11.30pm,
preceded by Carol singing from 11pm

Christmas Day — Thursday 25th December
Eucharist (Holy Communion) 9am

Thank you to all who have donated good clothes in 2014. Pandora's collection bin is now closed until 16th January. The shop will close after trading on Sat. 20th Dec. and reopen on Fri. 16th Jan.

Christmas Bush

Ceratopetalum gummiferum
'New South Wales Christmas Bush'

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